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Phenol Sulfonic Acid

Nandadeep is a manufacturer and exporter of Phenol Sulphonic Acid (PhSA). We manufacture PhSA of the specifications as required by the user.

Grades Offered :

  1. PhSA-65
    We manufacture and supply Phenol Sulfonic Acid of 65% purity in solution as per the specifications and requirements of the user.
  2. In Addition to above, there are many customer specific grades available

Applications :

  1. Used in Electroplating baths for tin-plating applications
  2. Catalyst in the production of phenolic floral foams
  3. Used in textile and carpeting applications
  4. In acid tin and acid copper plating to control the atmospheric oxidation of Stannous ion and for increasing the hardness in the Copper deposits respectively
  5. In tanning formulations
  6. Dyeing of polyester fibres
  7. In printing ink for improved storage stability and viscosity stabilizer for epoxy polymers
  8. Adjuvant in Phenolic Resins & Ion Exchange Resins to enhance its exchange capacity
  9. Metal working and processing
  10. Polymerization catalyst
  11. Chemical intermediate
  12. Textile dye manufacturing
  13. Oilfield chemicals
Product Name Phenol Sulfonic Acid
Synonyms Hydroxybenzenesulfonicacid
Benzenesulfonic acid, hydroxy
4-Hydroxybenzenesulfonic acid
4-Hydroxyphenylsulfonic acid
4-phenolsulfonic acid
Acide 4-hydroxybenzènesulfonique
Molecular Formula C6H6O4S
Molecular Weight 174.174 g/mol
CAS No 1333-39-7
Purity (%) 65
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