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Nandadeep is the largest manufacturer of Thiophenol in India.

Grades Offered :

  1. Thiophenol-99
    We manufacture and supply Thiophenol of 99% purity.

Applications :

  1. Used in manufacture of Seroquel, Fenbendazole and Quitiapine
  2. Used in food additives as flavoring agent
  3. Used in production of pharmaceuticals including sulfonamides
  4. Used in production of antifungal agents like butoconazole merthiolate
  5. Used as a mosquito larvicide
  6. Intermediate for insecticide and acaricide, fungicide e.g. Phenophos, Edephenephos
  7. Used as an intermediate in organic synthesis
Product Name Thiophenol
Synonyms Benzenethiol
Phenyl mercaptan
Molecular Formula C6H5SH
Molecular Weight 110.18 g/mol
CAS No 108-98-5
Purity (%) 99
Appearance Clear colorless transparent liquid
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