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Xylene Sulfonic Acid

Nandadeep is a manufacturer and exporter of Xylene Sulphonic Acid (XSA). We manufacture XSA of the specifications as required by the user. The XSA produced by us has below 3% acidity.

Grades Offered :

  1. XSA-70
    Xylene Sulfonic Acid is supplied of a minimum of 70% concentration on monohydrate basis with acidity below 3%.
  2. In Addition to above, there are many customer specific grades available

Applications :

  1. Used as foundary hardner in 70% aqueous solution form
  2. XSA is a hydrotropic solvent used in:
    • Detergents
    • Shampoos
    • Conditioners
    • Degreasing compounds
    • Printing pastes
  3. Used to extract pentosans and lignin in the paper industry
  4. Additive for glues
  5. Cleansing agents
  6. Synthesis of xylene sulfonates
  7. Surface cleaners, dishwashing detergents, liquid soaps
  8. Viscosity reducers for concentrated liquid soaps
  9. Solubilizer and cloud point depressor applications
  10. Commercial/home laundry washing
  11. Solubilizer, coupling agent, anti-caking agent in powdered detergent
Product Name Xylene Sulfonic Acid
Synonyms 2,4-xylenesulfonic acid
Dimethyl benzenesulfonic acid
Benzenesulfonic acid, dimethyl
o-Xylene-4-sulphonic acid
Molecular Formula C8H10O3S
Molecular Weight 186.23 g/mol
CAS No 25321-41-9
Purity (%) 70
Free Acidity Less than 3%
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