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Sodium Cumene Sulfonate

Nandadeep is a manufacturer and exporter of Sodium Cumene Sulfonate (SCS). Our SCS manufacturing unit is capable of manufacturing the product with the required specifications of the user. We provide SCS in solid form as well as a solution. Nandadeep offers SCS grades with sulfone content below 1% and sulfate content of less than 0.5%.

Grades Offered :

  1. SCS-40
    Sodium cumene sulfate in solution form with the purity of 40% is manufactured by us with the specifications as required by the user.
  2. SCS-98
    A high purity of 98% of sodium cumene sulfonate is also available in solid form with sulfate content below 0.5% and sulfone content not higher than 1% as per the requirement of the user.
  3. In Addition to above, there are many customer specific grades available

Applications :

  1. Viscosity reducers for concentrated liquid soaps
  2. Solubilizer and cloud point depressor applications
  3. Hand dish washing, shampoos
  4. Wax cleaners, H2S scavengers
  5. Metal processing applications
  6. Commercial/home laundry washing
  7. Air mist drilling
  8. Gas well unloading
  9. Oil field applications:
    • Cementing
    • Completion fluids
    • Corrosion inhibitors
    • Drilling fluids
    • Stimulation fluids
  10. Solubilizer, coupling agent, anti-caking agent in powdered detergent
  11. Effective in promoting the compatibility of various ingredients present in a multicomponent system
Product Name Sodium Cumene Sulfonate
Synonyms Sodium 2-isopropylbenzenesulphonate
Sodium cumenesulphonate
Cumenesulfonic acid, sodium salt
(1-methylethyl)-benzenesulfonic sodium salt
Benzenesulfonicacid,(1-methylethyl)-,sodium salt
Molecular Formula C9H11NaO3S
Molecular Weight 222.24 g/mol
CAS No 28348-53-0
Purity (%) 98 / 40
Sulfone Content Less than 1%
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